a little foster care update…

last week we had our final meeting with DSS to finish up our certification as foster parents. we are happy to announce that we are NOW officially on the list! we are so official that we even received our first call about a placement. unfortunately, it is looking like this particular placement is not going to work out but we know it won’t be long before we probably get another call. becoming foster parents is bit of an odd thing. we hope to get a child to take care of and long for a call but at the same time we know it is a very good thing if there aren’t children coming into foster care and needing a home. our ultimate goal for any foster child is reunification with their families and our overall hope is for no children to have to come into foster care in the first place! yet, in this broken world and county, we know there are children and families that need help and need a safe place and we are so eager to offer it.

i finished painting the kid’s room and already have a few books and odds and ends set up. i love walking into the room and looking around. it feels like a child’s room and it’s so odd to know it’s in my house for a little child who may be coming soon. i also bought my first crib sheets last week. i almost started crying in target. i felt so odd as i looked over everything in the baby section. i felt like i was passing into new territory [which we are]. any day now we could be passing from just us two to three. at any time, we could get a call and in a few short hours have a child at our doorstep waiting for two adults to care for him or her. any day now we will be passing into the territory of parenthood.


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  1. You are the sweetest! I loved hearing about this new adventure for you and Jeremiah. I know any child would be lucky to have you two.

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