085we are in love!!!

how can i explain how much our life has been changed by the presence of this little being??

our journey with her began one summer afternoon in june. we were in amelia helping jeremiah’s family pack up their home when we got a call from DSS. i was upstairs with my mother-in-law when jeremiah yelled for me to come downstairs. he had something to tell me. how little i knew that my life was about to change forever. he announced that DSS had just called him and said they may need us to take a three-month-old girl. within an hour we got a call from DSS saying they did in fact need us to come back to Fredericksburg to receive our first placement. we were quite a sight. we hadn’t showered, didn’t have time to change clothes, and had our dog in the car with us. we drove straight to DSS and met our foster daughter. it was all a blur, a rush of emotion.

now it has been over a month (although it feels like a year) since we welcomed her into our home and hearts. and we are in love, love, love. it is quite hard to imagine our lives without her. there will never be another child that could ever take her place in our heart.

the future is unknown at the moment. we think it will be at least six months before she could possibly leave us. so now we take it a day at a time and love her like she will be ours forever.



  1. Oh Megan! I am so happy for you guys! What a blessing you are to her and she is to you! Praise God! Wish we could meet her. Love you guys!

  2. That sweet baby is so precious and beautiful, and she is blessed with such amazing foster parents. There’s nothing quite like loving a child. They touch places in our hearts we never knew were there. Best wishes to you both! We miss you guys!

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