Three of us.

ultrasound #1. 6 weeks.

today i am 20 weeks.

my womb is full of baby. kicking. moving. twisting. turning. heart beating.

tummy is growing. stretching. organs are readjusting.

pregnancy is upon me. and i am in full bloom.

i have wanted to share for a while the history of the day we found out that life was no longer the same. so here i go:

it all began for us…the day we found out our first foster daughter was going to leave us at some point in the near future. in our living room that night i expressed to my dear husband that i was ready for a baby. that i couldn’t imagine not being a mommy anymore. that i needed something to sustain past our sweet foster daughter. and so we decided it was time to allow the possibility of pregnancy upon us.

after a load of worries and fears that it might be a struggle for us to become pregnant (my mom suffered from endometriosis and i feared the same), i found myself looking at 2 lines on a happy friday in late september. 2 lines again on another test. i really didn’t think i had gotten pregnant that month. but i was dead wrong.

charting. it’s how i knew to test. it’s how i believe we got pregnant very quickly. i knew about charting my cycles before i was even married but had failed to chart anything regularly until we decided to have a baby. i won’t go into the details of charting but i would HIGHLY recommend all women at some point in the premenopausal stage of life give it a try. especially if you are trying to get pregnant.  my temperature was very high for two days in a row. this was one of the biggest factors in me deciding to head over to the dollar store and pick up two pregnancy tests (and YES their tests work!).

after the beautiful lines appeared in my little downstairs bathroom in the noonday sun, i called my husband and asked him if he wanted to come home for lunch. i paced and paced and smiled as i waited for him to come home. when i saw his truck pull into the driveway, i met him at the door and announced i had something to show him. he claims that is when he knew.

i led him to the bathroom and pointed. he stared. i think we eventually hugged and kissed. we were in shock.

after sitting in shock for a little while , we went and celebrated with some tacos at our one of our favorite eateries downtown. i remember sitting in his truck being amazed that there was a little something in my belly. that my womb had life in it.

and this is how the first sweet pregnancy of my life began.

we want it to be made known that we praise GOD above for the gift He has chosen to bestow upon us even with all our faults, ugliness and struggles. we know that even now as from the very beginning He is knitting this precious child together in my womb. we pray, and ask that you would pray, for this child to serve our Maker all the days of their life and to follow in the footsteps of the many faithful servants of Jesus Christ. for our child to know, love and fervently serve Christ with their life. this would be our greatest prayer.


today is good. because wireless arrived at the austin house. i plan on blogging regularly again. so keep an eye out for new posts!


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