snowed in.

snow2.13.142snow2.13.143snow2.13.14 4snow2.13.14 24weeksour little city got a taste of the “snowpocalypse” 2014. this is more snow than i have seen in quite a while (8+ inches i believe). today was well lived. a good tromp through the snow down the street. time taken to build a snowman (my first time in a looooong time). a few snowballs (and large snow chunks) chucked at one another. bundling up to the -nth degree only to realize it’s not the best look for a pregnant mama (but who really cares?!). a warm afternoon spent indoors sewing and watching odd choices in documentaries. a refreshing nap in bed as the second round of snowfall began. and all the while the baby kicked and punched and moved in an assortment of ways to remind me of his/her sweet existence. a good blessing of a day indeed. but of course i left out the rather messy parts of my day. they exist as well. but despite them, today had some beautiful highlights and well-lived moments. thanks be to Him.


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