nursery sneak peek.

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ohhh the nursery. what a fun project this has been. it’s still not completely complete but the room is getting there. at first it will mostly serve as a holding station for the baby’s things and a place to change and feed the little one downstairs. right now, the crib is set up in a corner of our bedroom but will eventually be moved into the nursery.

we didn’t go for any theme or particular color scheme. i just put together a collection of things we owned and have received for the little one. i made the origami garland and am in love with it. i am also working on a “twig mobile” to hang over the crib when it gets moved in. the changing table was a birthday gift from goodwill. i went thrifting on my birthday and couldn’t believe when i found the exact piece of furniture i had been looking for to make into a changing table. it cost me $10 and probably about $40 to refinish, including new hardware (we already had the paint so that lowered the cost).  i used this tutorial from lowe’s to make chalk paint after one set of friends painted their changing table with chalk paint and another friend recommended using it. i was really happy with the end product. after a great recommendation from the husband, i covered the inside of the drawers with fabric i have owned for quite a while and love how it turned out. the changing pad (which the cats think is their bed) came from a yard sale and i used this easy tutorial to make contoured changing pad covers.  the framed stitch work is from song of solomon 2:4 and has been one of my most favorite verses for a long time. in the diaper drawer, i am already well stocked with disposables and am excited to be receiving a newborn diaper rental in the next few weeks. it was a great gift from some of my closest friends and will allow me to cloth diaper a newborn without actually buying newborn diapers. check it out here! as for wipes, i cut out and serged a large collection from old fabric and shirts. it has been such a joy to prepare and make things for the little one!

i look forward to sharing more pictures once the nursery is fully done!



  1. I love everything! It’s so sweet to see all the personal touches you put into this room. Your sweet baby is so loved. I especially love the “his banner over me is love” embroidery.

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