life with atticus [months 3-6]

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the fact that i haven’t written a post since august is proof enough of how consuming a baby can be of one’s time. i just finished reading over my last post and it’s amazing how much atticus has changed in a few months (that have seemed to pass by in seconds). he is now more like a little person than a helpless baby.


in my last update, i wrote how atticus was starting to zone in on his toys and talk to them. well, now he reaches for a toy, grabs it, gives it a good chewing and then moves on to the next one. at six months, he has now begun to master the art of sitting up on his own and balancing his rather bulky frame. we’re at the point where i can leave him on the floor without my hands ready and positioned to re-steady him. he has had a few tumbles and encounters with the floor but luckily he is easily comforted and back to playing in no time. sitting up also means he has moved on to having baths in the big bathtub. he is loving it and has a good ole time splashing the water with his hands. his favorite toys at the moment are plastic spoons (baby spoons that we use to feed him), a ring of metal measuring spoons that we call his “keys” (this toy was created after jeremiah let atticus chew on his set of keys which resulted in his face getting covered with grease marks – no mama likes to see that), a toy giraffe that plays music & white noise, crinkly fabric toys, and anything else he can get his hands on.

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when it comes to eating, atticus just began his first “solid” foods. he continues to be an avid nurser but he is also very interested in eating food. just a couple weeks ago, we started him out on his first food, chicken broth. we have let him gum on a piece of fruit here and there but broth was his first true meal. besides broth, we’ve introduced him to sweet potatoes and avocados but he doesn’t seem to be too sure about eating those just yet. he makes the most disgusted faces when eating them. so, for right now, milk with a side of chicken broth is his preferred meal.

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physique wise, atticus continues to grow nice and chunky. at his six month checkup, he weighed 18 lbs. 7 oz. and measured 27 1/4 ins. he now has his two front bottom teeth and, boy, are they sharp! atticus is a decent sleeper – we have begun to loosely implement a schedule and are working on getting him to sleep for longer periods at night. i’m not going to lie, i am ready to sleep at least a little better!

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we are very excited to celebrate atticus’ first Christmas! his stocking is hanging over the fireplace and there are a couple of presents under the tree for him. we even have a little artificial tree with colored lights set up in his nursery. it’s quite a pleasant sight to sit in the rocking chair with him at night and look at the tree all aglow. it’s fun having a child under our roof this time of year – it makes me kind of feel like a kid again.

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as far as motherhood goes, some days are good, other days are not so good. but i keep trying to work through the difficulties and appreciate the extravagant blessing of being atticus’ mama. i had a friend pass away recently. she was a mama to two little boys. when i think of her and the loss of her, it puts everything into perspective. i do believe she is in a place of pure joy, free from any sorrow and dry of tears. but i am sure she would tell me to embrace every single second of being a mama. i know she loved being one and i can truly say she was one of the most precious mothers i have ever met. her babies changed her, and all for the good. i have never seen a mother love her child more than she. and now i have the memory of her and her love for two little boys, and i am reminded to not squander any of second of being here to love and raise my little boy.


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