the second trimester.

14 weeks

as promised by many, the second trimester proved to be considerably easier than the first.

“morning” sickness ended around 16 weeks (give or take). i started having energy to do things again. my belly began to expand and confirm that something was indeed growing in there.

just like in the first trimester, i experienced some spotting early in the second trimester which led me to have another ultrasound performed. my midwife recommended having one done to check out the placement of my placenta. if my placenta was sitting very close or on top of the cervix, it could help explain the spotting and also alert us to potential problems with a natural delivery. luckily, everything checked out great and my placenta was sitting comfortably enough from the cervix. it was quite amazing to see how much my little baby had changed from a round mass on the screen at 6 weeks to looking like a perfect little human being at 14 weeks. i also found out that i was measuring a few days earlier than my first ultrasound, putting the estimated due date at may 28th.

the second trimester also brought with it the announcing of our pregnancy to family and friends. we felt most comfortable announcing our pregnancy to everyone once the first trimester was behind us and we had settled into the second (only our parents and a few close friends found out in the first trimester). we were lucky enough to be able to travel to texas in november and reveal the news in person to jeremiah’s siblings and extended family. a week later at thanksgiving we announced the news to my siblings and extended family. to wrap things up, it became facebook official on the fifth anniversary of our engagement, december 18th.

there were a lot of fun changes during round two of pregnancy. the belly grew considerably as the baby made huge leaps and bounds in growth. the first time i was confident that i felt the baby kick was on december 19th when i was lying in bed for the evening. it was the beginning of what has been many, many, many pings and pops and punches. i’m not complaining. this baby can punch me as much as he/she likes (even in the ribs!). it’s such an awesome, reassuring feeling to feel your child move within you. i also started having braxton hicks contractions around my 20th week. at first, it scared me to feel my uterus tighten like a rock because i didn’t know false contractions could start happening so early. luckily, the internet and my midwife were there to reassure me everything was fine as long as the contractions weren’t accompanied by any other signs of labor. and with the growing of my uterus and the addition of braxton hicks, my poor bladder has been getting the worst of it all. everything they say about bathroom visits increasing is absolutely true!

one of the most interesting chapters of the second trimester was the addition of a foster daughter when i was about 12 weeks along. she was a month old and only 4lbs. big due to being born very early. jeremiah and i had her for about 3 weeks and are so thankful for the time we had with her even though it had its challenging moments. the hardest part by far was being nauseous and sick with a bad cold and sleep deprived/exhausted all at once while trying to care for her. one of the best parts was getting to park in the spot labelled “for expecting mothers and mothers with newborns” at buy buy baby and knowing i fit both categories. i also enjoyed shocking the receptionist at the doctor’s office when i came in for my ultrasound while carrying a very tiny infant. our little foster daughter helped prepare jeremiah and me a little more for the challenges of parenthood and also gave us hope and excitement for its deep joys. thankfully, being pregnant helped soften the blow of saying goodbye to her as quickly as we said hello.

overall, the second trimester brought a lot more peace and enjoyment into this pregnancy. i felt like a new person once the sickness and exhaustion lifted which made day to day functioning a lot easier and more enjoyable. it also made pregnancy feel a lot more real when we were able to tell people that we were expecting and when i actually started looking like something was growing in there. i am hoping the third trimester will be kind with its discomforts and generous with sweet expectation as the due date nears!

14 weeks
14 weeks
saying goodbye to our foster daughter

the second trimester.

this summer.

043020055shortly (actually that very day) after writing my post on our foster daughter, we found out that a family member was petitioning for custody of her. needless to say, this information was very hard to take when we first received it. over the next few hours and days we came to accept that she was probably going to leave our home at some point in the next few months. little did we expect her to actually leave us two weeks later. but this is how things go in life.

thankfully. thankfully. thankfully, we have the beautiful opportunity to remain in her life as her godparents. honestly, no one could ask for a better situation than the one we have been given. she is safe, happy and well loved, and we get to hear all about it. hopefully we will get to hold her little chubby body in the near, near future. for now, pictures will suffice.

as can be expected, there were a lot of emotions that came out when we had to give our foster daughter back. anger. that she was being taken away so quickly and we hadn’t been forewarned. relief. that we wouldn’t have to wait for months to give her up. (sometimes ripping the band aid off quickly is easier to take). sadness. that i was no longer a mother. fear. of what i was going to do with my life now.

honestly, i was mad at her relative for wanting her. for not just letting us keep her. i no longer feel that way now (although i will always wish she could be ours). instead, i am thankful G-d has given us a new family to love and to share our lives with. i am thankful for this sweet relative that is thankful for what we did for her/our little girl and who is darn determined for us to stay in her life.

maybe i feel guilty. maybe i am just trying to be honest. but i don’t think about her everyday. i didn’t really cry about it for days and days like i expected to. i accepted it and moved on. i believe things would be completely different if i didn’t know where she was,  if she was okay, and loved, and well cared for. but i know these things. and i don’t have to worry.



this summer.